Weingut Juris
Marktgasse 12
7122 Gols, Austria
Phone +43 2173 2748

Winery size 20 ha
Member of RWB
The Stiegelmar Estate sits directly in Gols with their tradition of winemaking beginning in 1571. Since then, many generations of Stiegelmar have led the winery. Because many male Stiegelmar's often bore the name of George, the winery's name is derived from the colloquial version of George, “Juri”. Currently the winery is run and characterized by Axel Stiegelmar, because of his passion for Burgundy the estate was opened to St. Laurent and Pinot Noir varieties. There is now a strong emphasis on the Burgundy varieties Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and St. Laurent.

The vineyards in and around Gols have mainly sandy and gravelly soils with quartzite inclusions and low clay content. The white wines are mainly fermented in stainless steel tanks and have a soft and fruity style, mature and ripe flavors moving towards the exotic. Red wines of the 'Selection' line are from younger vines and are aged in larger oak casks to maintain a softer fruity taste for easy drinking. Wines of the 'Reserve' line as well as the blend 'Ina'mera' come from old vines, they are aged in small oak barrels and present themselves powerful and full-bodied with intense spice, soft tannins and mild acidity, influenced by the warm climate in Gols.
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