Weingut Gesellmann GmbH
Langegasse 65
7301 Deutschkreutz, Austria
Phone +43 2613 80360-0

Winery size 40 ha
Member of RWB
Certified organic by AT-BIO-402
The Gesellmann winery and its vineyards around Deutschkreutz is small enough to have the control over every single grape, and big enough to not have to use every grape. Because of the precise selection they only use perfect grapes and this makes their wines so special. Albert Gesellmanns Masterpiece is undoubtedly his blend simply called 'G'.

His Father Engelbert was one of the first winemakers in the 80s to grow international varieties and to experiment with maturing in barriques. Over twenty years ago he created the 'Opus Eximium', a blend from Austrian varieties, and not much later the 'Bela Rex' a blend with international varieties which proofed that he was one of the best winemakers in Austria.
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