Club Weinfurore

Loyalty pays off! Regular customers at Weinfurore profit from exclusive benefits like a personal discount on their purchases and access to our coveted club wines.
Club Wines
Loyalty Discount
Wine Tastings

Club Wines

Loyalty Discount

Wine Tastings

We reserve the hottest and rarest wines exclusively for our club members.
Club members benefit from a personal, additional discount on their purchases.
Reduced admission to our open wine tastings and exclusive club tastings.

Club Wines explained

Club Wine We reserve our best, rarest and most sought-after wines exclusively for members of Club Weinfurore. Marked by the black club wine and premium club wine badges in our shop, they include legendary wines like Dönnhoff’s Hermannshöhle, Wittmann’s Morstein, FX Pichler’s Unendlich and Heinrich’s Salzberg as well as rare insider tips like Wasenhaus and Falkenstein but also aged pearls from our winemakers.

Our especially rare premium club wines are available to club members in exclusive tasting packages. Premium members have direct access to all club and premium club wines.

Club Members

  • Upon spending 500 € annually we invite you to join Club Weinfurore
  • Personal discount of 3% on your purchases
  • Access to club wines including Austria's best, lots of German GGs and rare insider tips like Wasenhaus and Hofgut Falkenstein (as long as supplies last; quantity limitations apply)
  • Exclusive tasting packages with especially rare premium club wines - already during our annual subscription
  • During advance booking your receive a 10 € discount on tickets to our open tastings
  • Invitation to our exclusive club tastings
  • Additional payment methods SEPA direct debit and invoice payment

Premium Members

  • Upon spending 1500 € annually you become a premium member of Club Weinfurore
  • Personal discount of 5% on your purchases
  • Direct access to all club and premium club wines during and after our annual subscription (as long as supplies last; quantity limitations apply)
  • Free admission to all open tastings for two persons
  • Preferred access to our exclusive club tastings
  • Additional payment methods SEPA direct debit and invoice payment

How does it work?

  • 4 weeks after reaching a purchase threshold (e.g. 500 €) you will be upgraded to the respective membership level (e.g. club member). This level will be valid for the current and the following year.
  • Your membership level in the year after next will be determined based on your purchase volume in the next year. Of course you will be upgraded during the year upon reaching the next higher threshold (e.g. 1500 € for premium membership) after the 4 week waiting period.
  • Make sure that all your purchases are credited correctly by always using the same account. Retroactive credit to your account is not possible.
  • We will inform you by e-mail in advance before your membership or membership level expires.

Terms & Conditions

All purchases delivered and paid in full independent of sales channel will be credited towards the membership thresholds based on our invoice date (usually identical with the shipping/fulfilment date) after deducting discounts, returns, refunds and applied credit/vouchers. All articles with the exception of tasting fees, shipping and other fulfilment costs are eligible and counted towards club revenue. Purchases need to be assigned to your customer account when ordering in our online shop or paying at our cash register - retroactive claims and allocations are not possible.
Your personal discount is automatically applied to nearly all wines, specialities and accessories with the exception of events, packaging, fulfillment costs, gift vouchers and -if applicable- special items.
You enter absolutely no obligations when joining Club Weinfurore. You can leave our club at any time.
To save resources we will send no postal account statements or printed membership cards. You can check your membership level online under My Account.
Membership, discounts and other benefits of Club Weinfurore are voluntary, individual bonuses provided by Weinfurore e.K. solely to private consumers, are not transferable and do not constitute a legal claim. We explicitly reserve the right to exclude individuals from membership, especially for abuse (e.g. skirting of purchase limitations, sharing of club accounts, order pooling, etc.).