There are absolutely no payment related fees charged in our online shop. PayPal, the issuer of your credit card or your bank might however charge additional fees independently.
1 Upon approval for returning customers, restaurants and resellers.


Shipping Costs within Germany

* Free shipping for orders over 100 € to end customers within Germany.
Otherwise shipping cost per package of 18 shipping units (SU), 1 regular wine bottle (0.75 litres) = 1 SU.
6 €*
Delivery during regular business hours monday through saturday or pick-up at the postal office. DHL Packstation up to 12 bottles.
6 €*
Delivery during regular business hours monday through friday. Multiple delivery attempts or pickup at the UPS store. Recommended for business addresses!
12 €
Guaranteed delivery on the following business day for orders placed before 3 pm. No deliveries on Saturday.
12 €
Individual delivery within Munich. Free of charge for orders of 200 € and more.
High volume orders (e.g. for restaurants and resellers) will be delivered by our freight forwarding partners in the original cardboard packaging on pallet.
42 € up to 180 SU on disposable half pallet
74 € up to 600 SU on reusable (Euro) pallet

Shipping Costs outside Germany

We ship to all countries in Europe (within and outside the European Union) as well as to selected countries in Asia (currently Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan). Shipping to the United States and Canada however is not possible. Since international shipping costs vary depending on weight and country of destination, please use the shipping calculator at the bottom of this page or in the shopping cart to get an exact price for shipping your order. Your shopping cart needs to contain items for this calculation.

Packaging, Damage during Transport

We use special packaging material certified for glass bottles to protect your order as good as possible. In the rare case of damage we will replace any damaged goods and align any necessary paperwork directly with the shipping company. Please document the damage to your parcel immediately (i.e. by taking photos) and contact us to either refund or replace the damaged wines.

Availability, Delivery Time

All items with a green buy now button are in stock and will be delivered within 1-3 business days within Germany, 2-7 business days within Europe and 1-2 weeks worldwide.

Low stock is signalled by a yellow buy now button together with the exact amount available of the item. Items with a blue buy now button are not available yet (e.g. subscription wines). They may be pre-ordered at the delivery time stated.

Export, Taxes and Customs Duties

Deliveries to companies in EU countries outside of Germany will be shipped tax-free if a valid VAT ID number has been provided. Deliveries outside of the EU (e.g. to Switzerland, Norway, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan) are generally tax-free and not charged the German VAT of usually 19%. Depending on country of destination and order volume/value you might incur additional fees, taxes and customs duties which are at the recipient's responsibility. Declaration documents will be included in the shipment.
We will also refund the German VAT if you export your purchase yourself (i.e. to Switzerland or at the Airport). Please have customs confirm the export of the goods by stamping our invoice accordingly and return the original stamped invoice document to us by mail. We will refund the VAT paid using the originally used method of payment if possible, please provide an alternate bank account otherwise.
The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.