About us

Besides our online shop we operate a large wine store in Munich where we serve our local customers, both private and professional. Of course we are also available by phone for your questions or orders.

We are dedicated to local wine from central Europe. From our start in 2003 we have helped to spread the word about the great wines from Austria and since then have assembled a very extensive portfolio. Moving to a larger facility (a former carpenter's workshop) in 2013 finally enabled us to extend our portfolio beyond Austria: Germany's winemakers have been making a lot of progress over the last years and continue to push the unique German wine style to even higher levels - predominantly with Rieslings and Pinot Noirs of course.

Über uns

People do make a difference: we are a true family-run business, striving to make your shopping tour as enjoyable and successful as possible. Besides senior Gerhard Biber and his wife Marianne the two sons Alexander and Christoph are involved to meet this target. We are completely independent and make all decisions within the family when it comes to composing the product line or expansion of the company.

We purchase our wines directly from the wineries and know all our winemakers in person. We care a great deal about value-for-money wines and down-to-earth consultation, so we regularly taste all of our wines as well as keep looking for new ones to offer you the best deals in Austrian and German wine. If you have any questions, need consultation or have an individual request, please don't hesitate to approach us personally in our wine store or contact us by e-mail or phone at +49 89 435699-21.

In the end it's all about the wines - we are working together with reliable logistic partners to get it to you as quickly as possible all across Europe.

Unser Team

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Chris Marianne
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