Werner Achs

Goldberg AWG Reg. Gen. m.b.H.
Goldberg 5
7122 Gols, Austria
Phone +43 2173 23900

Winery size 14 ha
Uncompromising is the perfect word to describe this young, ambitious winemaker‘s mind and approach. By being true to his own style he is not bound by industry fads or market trends. After finishing studies and satisfying some wanderlust, he only launched his own wines in 1999 with inherited 1.3 hectares of land. His knack for winemaking and cultivating the vineyard quickly became apparent with his first wine, the Zweigelt Goldberg 2000, which immediately won him the Zweigelt Grand Prix of the Falstaff Red Wine Guide while his 2001 X.U.R. took second place in the blends category.

The entire range of wines by Werner Achs is highly focused and consists of only three wines. Grand Vin X.U.R is a blend of the indigenous varieties Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent. The second wine Zweigelt Goldberg had exceptional years in 2006 and 2009. And the Werner Achs Reserve is a Blaufränkisch-Merlot blend which is available only in exceptional vintages, only in magnums and small quantities. Werner Achs sees this focus as an important facet giving the ideal treatment and highest quality production for the wine.
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Zweigelt Goldberg 2021 Magnum
17,27 €/l
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