Weingut Gerhard Markowitsch GmbH
Pfarrgasse 6
2464 Göttlesbrunn, Austria
Phone +43 2162 8222

Winery size 80 ha
In recent years, Gerhard Markowitsch accomplished a great deal, with powerful red wines and beautiful Chardonnays he has risen to the top of the Austrian winemakers, built a huge modern storage facility with space for over 1,000 Barriques and is today the most prestigious winemakers in the Carnuntum Area.

Three quarters of the production are red wines, for example the strong, fruity but charming Rubin Carnuntum (always 100% Zweigelt), or his dignified top Blend Rosenberg with deep fruit and strong tannins. With the 'M1' (first bottled Vintage was 2000) he wants to move into new dimensions, which he did successfully with the 2003 and 2006 Vintage.
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