Paul Achs

Weingut Paul Achs GmbH
Neubaugasse 13
7122 Gols, Austria
Phone +43 2173 2367

Winery size 26 ha
Member of Pannobile
Certified organic by AT-BIO-402
The likeable Pannobile-winemaker from Gols is among the best red wine producers of the country, not only since he was crowned Falstaff Winemaker of the Year in 1996. Paul Achs makes no show wines, but rather focuses on elegance and finesse. For him the conditions for highest quality demands are a rigorous quality restriction to 3,000 kilos of grapes per hectare.

In the Zweigelt dominated town of Gols, Paul Achs was one of the first winemakers to recognize the potential of Blaufränkisch. And so it is no wonder that the wines from the vineyards Ungerberg and Spiegel repeatedly stood on the podium at Falstaff or Vinaria tastings.
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Pinot Noir 2019
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