Weinkellerei Walter Glatzer e.U.
Rosenbergstraße 5
2464 Göttlesbrunn, Austria
Phone +43 2162 8486

Winery size 55 ha
Certified organic by AT-BIO-402
The rise of the wineregion Carnuntum in the east of Vienna, is inseparable connected with the work of Walter Glatzer senior as a vintner and mayor. Due to his consistent ambition for quality he earned a lot of awards and achievements, and served as a rolemodel for many emerging winemakers of this region.

Meanwhile Walter Glatzer junior took over the Winery. The leading variety of the Glatzer estate is the Zweigelt, which is made in different styles from a young and fruity version up to a lusty single vineyard version called Dornenvogel. Every wine from the Glatzer Winery has a lot of charm, is smooth with velvety fruit.
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