Weingut Hans Igler GmbH
Langegasse 49
7301 Deutschkreutz, Austria
Phone +43 2613 80365

Winery size 38 ha
Member of RWB
Hans Igler was one of the pioneers in Burgenland and a model for many wineries in the region. By the early 60s Hans Igler had left old ideas behind and followed new ones: concentrating on a few varieties, maturation (the first time in Château Latour barrels) in French oak barrels, controlled biological acid degradation and low vineyard yields. He was soon known as the 'Doyen des burgenländischen Rotweins', (Dean of Burgenland Red Wines).

After his death, Hans Igler's daughter, Waltraud Reisner-Igler, resumed the pursuit of perfection, carrying on the family legacy. A few years ago Igler's son Clemens took over responsibility for the work in the vineyard and cellar, where he continues to uphold the Igler style. The wines of Igler stand for elegance, finesse and complexity, and their particular varieties reflect just that. The Blaufränkisch wines Hochberg and Biiri are perfect examples of their style. For years Biiri has been one of the best red wines of Austria and costs significantly less than the competition. These qualities extend to their entire range; stunning quality with finesse and depth, top-rated yet very down to earth prices.
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