Frequently Asked Questions

I can not add any products to my shopping cart

Our page is using cookies to save your personal information and your shopping cart. If the cookies are somehow deactivated, it is not possible to save your personal informations or the shopping cart, therefor placing an order is not possible.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that we store on your computer. In those files we store a random 32-digit ID, by which we can recognize you the next time you visit our website. This enables, for example that the wish list and shopping cart remain and you do not have to login each time you visit the website.

Are cookies are security risk?

No, we use our cookies only to personalize the website, they do not store or transfer any sensitive or personal data, and are therefore not a security risk! If you use our site from a public computer, you should log off afterwards, to avoid the possibility for unauthorized persons to access your data.

Full functionality of our online shop

To use all features of our website please activate Javascript. JavaScript is a "programming language " for dynamic web pages. This allows an improved service and more comfortable usability. If the support for JavaScript is enabled in your browser, the JavaScript code will be automatically processed on your Computer.
We use the JavaScript code exclusively for the efficient navigation, to process data forms, for roll-over effects, for the search function and to set and read cookies. If the JavaScript support is disabled in your browser, you can not use certain functions as intended, in particular our convenient "WineFinder" is not activated. But you can use our site even without JavaScript support and make your order.

Forgot your password or account no.

If you have forgotten your customer number or password, you can get a temporary password send by e-mail to log in again.

Any other questions? Ask us!