Pinot Noir

is undoubtedly one of the great red wine varieties in the world. He impresses with his bright ruby red color and his mild and velvety flavor, fine acidity, full-bodied but with a lot of elegance he is also determined for long aging.

Synonym:Pinot Nero, Spätburgunder

Origin: Ths variety is undoubtedly one of the great red wine grapes in the world. The Pinot Noir probably came to Austria with the German Zisterziensern Monks and was also cultivated from the Romans in the Burgenland. The newest genetic analysis found out that it is a crossing between Traminer and Pinot Meunier. In Germany the most important red wine variety with about 10.000 hectares and in Austria it becomes more popular every day. Vineyards: 649 Hectare (or 1,4%)

Characteristic: The popular expression "King of the Redwines" is showing the importance of Pinot Noir. This grape means a lot of work. In the vineyard it is sensitive to light exposure, cropping levels (it must be low yielding), soil types and pruning techniques. In the winery it is sensitive to fermentation methods, yeast strains and is highly reflective of its terroir with different regions producing very different wines. Its thin skin makes it highly susceptible to bunch rot and other fungal diseases.

Discreet bouquet, elegant, soft tannins. Despite some new vineyard planting, this grape variety, which made the red wines of Burgundy famous, is still under-represented in Austria. The Pinot Noir has a very fine bouquet that is difficult to describe, best perhaps as reminiscent of raspberries or almonds. Its taste has lots of fruity charm and elegance. Despite its delicate structure it ages better than many wine-lovers assume. In good - and especially in dry - vintage years it will produce remarkably fine wines in Austria as well, for example in the Thermenregion or in Vienna (Wien).

Recommendation: Wonderfully suited to roasts, game, mushrooms and vegetables. Very good aging potential. Drinking temperature 16 to 18 °C.
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