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Grape Varities in Germany and Austria

Germany′s winemakers cultivate over 140 officially approved grape varieties on 102.000 hectares although only about two dozens play an important role in the wine world. 63% are cultivated with white grape varieties led by Riesling with 22% of the total growing area.

There is a great variety of climatic and soil conditions in Austria which would make it possible to cultivate several hundred different grapes as well, but currently only a total of 35 varieties is classified and registered. About two thirds of the growing areas are dedicated to white wine one third to red wine. Grüner Veltliner ist the leading variety with about 33%, followed by Zweigelt with 12%, which is also a local variety.

Interesting side note: green, yellow and red grapes are base for white wines while red wines are produced only from blue grapes.